Gloom of Kilforth: A Fantasy Quest Game Expansions

Created by Tristan Hall

Gloom of Kilforth is a game of high fantasy with a gothic edge, where 1-4 players, working individually or together, assume the roles of heroes on a journey through a dark world of magic and peril. Each player follows their hero’s tale, an epic saga from modest beginnings through to a climactic battle that will decide the fate of the world...

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Gloom of Kilforth: Encounters, Day 23 - All the Colours of the Rainbow!
over 2 years ago – Sun, Oct 22, 2017 at 01:56:11 AM

Hey there you Kilforthian you rock stars!

How you feeling?  Because you look Flippin' Fantastic!!!

£131,972 pledged 488% funded 2,175 backers 10 days to go!!

Good grief, mama!!!  I'm not sure how you guys are doing it but this is of course continuing your excellent tradition of just being utterly spectacular individuals who have all come together for a beautiful common cause and held aloft our epic fantasy adventure game for all to see - and for that we salute you eternally...  We'll be putting our hands down so we can crack on with the work that needs to be done, but that salute is staying right up there in spirit, okay?  Okay.  But just know that to us, you guys are absolute Legends.

Timeless Legends...

One Stop Co-op Shop's Top 15 Solo Games!!

We're starting to appear on people's top games lists, which is superb.  Spoiler alert, we landed at number 5, and against some bloody stiff competition I might add.  

Pimp My Gloom Tarot Cards - Muted Colour or B&W Gloom Sides?

So a big question knocking around the forums since we announced the Pimp My Gloom set with the new tarot-sized location cards is whether or not the reverse (Gloom) sides of the location cards should be black and white or stay as they are (i.e. drained colour 'Gloom' look).  Note that this only applies to the images on the cards, not the graphic design too.  Examples:

Black and white Gloom?

Black and White Gloom
Black and White Gloom

Or Regular Gloom?

Muted Colour Gloom
Muted Colour Gloom

The decision to go black and white was in response to the number of people shouting out for black and white, but now lots of people are shouting to keep the current/regular Gloom look instead.  So, we ask you, the backers, which would you prefer, people?  Let's have a vote in the comments with a simple yes or no:

Should images for the tarot sized location cards from Pimp My Gloom be black and white on their Gloom sides?

  • Yes (they should be black and white)
  • No (they should retain their original Gloom look)

I know someone will ask for it, but no, there is no third option for rainbows and sparkles, or fourth option for 11-sided 20 metre cards, or any other variation for that matter (those will all be in the forthcoming Pimp My Pimp My Gloom Kickstarter).

Who's coming to Essen??!!

It will be my first time at Essen next week so I'm incredibly excited and nervous about it.  Unlike the UK Games Expo at Airecon I won't have a dedicated stand (I wanted to go and experience it as a punter first, plus the logistics didn't pan out).  But I might be able to work something out with one of our partners about demoing at their stand, or at least hanging out and chatting so I'll let you know in the next update.  I'll also be giving away the original pre-production copy of the game to one lucky individual at Essen - more deets to follow.

In any case, if you're there and you happen to see an English chap in a GoK t-shirt looking confused and over-awed please feel free to come and say hello - it'd be great to see you in person.  (And if for some reason it turns out to not be me, tell him I want my t-shirt back...)

G'night yous lot,

Tristan xx

Gloom of Kilforth: Encounters, Day 21 - Board To Death Review
over 2 years ago – Fri, Oct 20, 2017 at 01:14:11 AM

Hey everyone, how's tricks?

Looks like we've weathered the storm of one particularly mahoosive Kickstarter finally shuffling off of Kickstarter and into production (and seriously, good luck to em - I'm a 7th Continent backer too!), and we've even picked up a bit of pace again with these stats.  Let's have a quick goosey gander:

£128,096 pledged 474% funded 2,118 backers 12 days to go!!!

'Lovely stuff!' Not my words Michael, the words of Shakin' Stevens.

Well, if that alone wasn't enough to be happy about, we have even more huge helpings of awesome cake coming up too - read/chew on...

Board To Death GoK Review!!

The lovely folks at Board To Death, sponsored by The Game Steward, have put together this excellent video review of our game:

Just look at the size of that box in the thumbnail!  :O

Gloom of Kilforth on Dice Tower!!

Thanks to Claire for the next link - and on this subject please feel free to share and post any valuable links you see in the comments section as we try to catch everything we can but we do miss stuff.  In any case, the man Tom Vasel himself gives us a nice lil shout-out in his round-up:


Epic Session Report!!

Thanks to Toc Stanton for putting together this cool narrative play-through of the game on BGG - these are the kinds of posts that help relay the emergent story game experience to those who haven't played, and it helps to get people talking about the game and liking and sharing because that's the kind of thing that keeps us floating out there in the zeitgeist:

Currently #2 on Kicktraq (at time of writing) too!!

In case you're wondering what you can do to help us reach that next Stretch Goal which is suddenly pulling us in like a super-massive black hole - get clicking on the following link.  If you bookmark it as your link to the Kickstarter page you're adding one extra click to your day when you're checking in, but giving us that little boost of exposure too, and it's these kinds of things that really make the difference to us:

Top 100 Solo Board Games!!

One of our favourite yearly online gaming events is coming back around!  Kevin Erskine of the 1 Player Guild is running the yearly compilation of People's Choice Top 100 Solo Games over on boardgamegeek so, you know, if you happen to know of any excellent board games, you know, that can be played solo, feel free to submit your top 20 to Kevin in the following thread - it's a lot of fun to follow along until the countdown begins too:

Win a copy of GoK??

Board Game Revolution are running a Gleam competition to win a copy of the base game, so go check it out and share on your socials here:

Okay, that's it for now folks - until next time, here's a lullaby to soothe you and remind you that sometimes good things can happen when Night Falls - take it (and us) away, Francesca L Hall...

G'night you gorgeous peeples!

Tristan xx

Gloom of Kilforth: Encounters, Day 19 - Is it really 19 days already??
over 2 years ago – Tue, Oct 17, 2017 at 11:13:21 PM

Whassup, ma peeples???

Where are we at with those figures today?

£124,781 pledged 462% funded 2,070 backers 14 days to go!!!

Woo hah, woo hah, got ya all in check! - is probably what I'd say if I was a massif gangsta rapper.  Alas, my aspirational rapper dreams of simultaneously spitting venomous swear words and scratching vinyl were already fully realised in their limited capacity long ago back when I dropped my record collection down the stairs as we were moving house...


Is this thing on?


On the subject of music, let's pop something sumptuous on the jukebox.  Whilst I know many of you as friends and family, many of you were also strangers in a manner of speaking.  Before you arrived here that is, now we're all friends together of course!  And whilst that meeting of minds - with you proudly displaying your banners of support - went very well indeed, in the land of Kilforth you never know how those meetings with strangers are gonna turn out...

Lovely stuff.

Okay, so what have we been up to recently??  Well, let's just have a quick run through as there's a whole bunch of content here...

We're Not Wizards!!

We had a great, and very professional chat - where we totally didn't giggle like girls all the way through - with Richard from We're Not Wizards.  Have a listen...

One thing they are not, is wizards.
One thing they are not, is wizards.

French GoK Videos!!

Then we had the lovely play-through videos from Arcaril for our French-fluent audience... (Mrs Ninjadorg was very excited to hear her music in French..)

S13E01 - Gloom of Kilforth - Présentation du jeu  

S13E02 - Gloom of Kilforth - Une partie solo  

Are you #BoardChitless?

Our podcast storms along, as in the latest episode we play one of our Thursday night favourites, the Weird War Two miniatures-mash Fireteam Zero:

Okay, and I think that's about it for now - but there's something we all need to keep in mind for now too.  This month we are up against some titanic titles in the industry.  Yes, we've funded, and then some, and that is absolutely fantastic.  But in the wake of the gigantic game storms hitting (and leaving) Kickstarter within the next couple of weeks we must stay the course if we are to pilot this game to its beautiful destination.  So we are now officially entering the darkest part of our journey, where the winds threaten to make our plain sailing sails less useful.  Which means you guys are going to have to row like crazy to stay our course.  

I've avoided asking you this too much on our journey so far on account of the absolutely epic work you've already done to get us to where we are now.  But now I'm going to ask you plainly because we need all the help we can get right now in this, our darkest hour.  As multi-million dollar big name titles froth to their frenetic conclusions, or splosh into their baying start lines, to stay afloat we need you to call up your friends to arms, gather all of your mystical resources together, and rage and shout from the rooftops about Gloom of Kilforth!  Whether it's on your gaming forums, your social medias, in your weekly game nights, at your Friendly Local Game Stores, during your family meal times, at your quiet local libraries, in the park as you walk past strangers, or in your bedroom as you stare at the ceiling thinking about the horrors and rewards about to rise from your GoK encounter decks - get out there and spread the word about our Kickstarter as loudly and beautifully as only you know how.

You have thousands of options and choices out there in the world right now, and it makes our chests swell with pride at the thought that you've chosen to join us on our epic quest together, a quest that was once mere fantasy, but now because of you is in actual reality...  a fantasy... quest... 

This is our chance to make this project truly amazing, so crank up your flags, roll out your banners, display your GoK avatars with pride, and show the interwebs what we can do in the face of overwhelming adversity.

Get out there and share that link:

Go out and make us proud, and take care you beautiful people!

Tristan xx


Gloom of Kilforth: Encounters, Day 17 - Halfway House
over 2 years ago – Mon, Oct 16, 2017 at 12:27:48 AM

Hi everybody,

I hope you've all had fantastic weekends!  So, where are we up to today?  Well, we're past the halfway point now, and cruising along with some lovely numbers bolstering us up:

£123,453 pledged 457% funded 2,051 backers 16 days to go!!!  

What a fantastic result so far, still sneaking our way up into unknown territories of funding-hood!  I'll keep this brief because it's your Sunday evening and I'm sure you're squeezing the most out of your weekend before tomorrow lands.

I've had great interviews with pod-casters Getting Geeky with Gamer Leaf and We're Not Wizards (if Richard can use any of the latter, we were giggling so much), which I'm sure will be making appearances online soon, so look out for those, and we'll be sure to share the links too.

Please keep doing what you're doing - whatever it is, it's working like magic.  And a huge, open-armed welcome to all of our beautiful new backers who've strapped on their business boots and grabbed their swords and axes come to join our ranks of heroes facing off against the ever encroaching Gloom.

Let's leave you to enjoy a nice mug of Glook and some mysterious tyoonz:

Oh, go on then, let's have a quick art preview too.  We've had a liddle Goblin, now let's take a look at another not-so-friendly chap who is potentially really going to wreck your day.  The Lich has some powers that will really force you to re-think how you approach him/her/it.  And if you stumble upon the Lich's lair in the early game, you will want to think about a). Hiding, and b). giving it a wide ****ing berth.  Don't say we didn't warn you...

Appointment with Fear...
Appointment with Fear...

G'night y'all, and sleep easy,

Tristan xx

Gloom of Kilforth: Encounters, Day 15 - Touch of Death
over 2 years ago – Sat, Oct 14, 2017 at 12:42:02 AM

Hi everybody and happy Friday!!!

How are we all today?  Shall we have a peek at the stats?

£119,657 pledged 443% funded 2,013 backers 18 days to go!!!

Wowserinos!  Another stretch goal within grabbing distance - does anyone want to take it?  No?  Okay, then let's get on with it...

Touch of Death: A Fantasy Quest Game??!!

Due to some fantastic social media sharing and liking you guys managed to draw back the curtain over the £150,615 (which is the total funding from our two previous Kickstarter campaigns in case you were wondering) Stretch Goal.  Understandably, this drew many questions, so let's talk about it now.  And remember, this is all completely speculative, because we are still a looong way from that Stretch Goal target...

What is Touch of Death?

It's a stand-alone expansion, basically the same game as Gloom of Kilforth, same rules, same mechanics, but with entirely new content - new heroes, new encounters, new rewards, new ancients, etc.  You will be able to play Gloom of Kilforth OR Touch of Death independently, OR you can shuffle all of the decks together to double the variety and content of your games.

Will it feature Bela Lugosi?  

I’m afraid not!  

Should I add the £48 to my pledge now?  

We will not unlock Touch of Death until we reach that £150,615 mark, so please only pledge responsibly. 

What's gonna happen to the new stretch goals after Touch of Death? 

We’re reaching the upper limit of what we can include in Encounters now. But if we unlock Touch of Death, who knows...

What is the card count & Type for Touch of Death?

Touch of Death would contain a very similar quantity of content as the original Gloom of Kilforth game, pre-stretch goals.  Approximately 234 poker sized cards, 32 mini-sized cards to start with….

Will ToD require separate shipping?

ToD would require additional wave 3 shipping, yes.

Will it be available in the BackerKit Pledge Manager?

IF we hit ToD it will be made available as an add-on in the pledge manager yes.

Will it be ready on time or will it delay the shipping deadlines?

Touch of Death would be in its own shipping wave, so won’t affect any other products. 

Will there be another Kickstarter for Touch of Death (seems a shame not to)?

We could potentially roll-call another Kickstarter once we have the delivery date closing in, give it that final push.

If we back Touch of Death now will we get the stretch goals from any future Kickstarter campaign for Touch of Death?


It seems like we're effectively early-pledging for ToD, and, when the KS rolls around, we already have a credit in place? 

Yep, that about sums it up.

How was Bladerunner 2049?

The Bladerunner sequel is SUBLIME.  Epic sci-fi writ large, achingly beautiful, gorgeous sound track, dwarfs the original in scope. Plus #DreamboatGosling... 5/5 But you should almost certainly re-watch the original before you go see the new one - I did and was very glad for it...  (Okay, maybe I didn't need to re-post ALL of your questions from the comments...) 


I had a super chat about all things game and gaming with Mike Wall over at A Wargamer's Needful Things:

French version of Touch of Death!!

Here's a quick word from Nuts to our French backers:

- Nous ne ferons pas de version française de Touch of death lors de cette campagne Kickstarter 

- Quand le temps sera venu, nous mettrons ce projet en précommande sur notre site. 

For more info and enquiries about the French version of Gloom of Kilforth visit:

Okay, that's it for now, have a spectacular weekend everyone!

Tristan xx