Gloom of Kilforth: A Fantasy Quest Game Expansions

Created by Tristan Hall

Gloom of Kilforth is a game of high fantasy with a gothic edge, where 1-4 players, working individually or together, assume the roles of heroes on a journey through a dark world of magic and peril. Each player follows their hero’s tale, an epic saga from modest beginnings through to a climactic battle that will decide the fate of the world...

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Gloom of Kilforth: Encounters, Day 9 - Beasts, TV, and Sharing
almost 2 years ago – Mon, Oct 09, 2017 at 12:02:03 AM

Good evening everyone!

An update before midnight?  What madness is this??  Well, I know your weekends are precious so let's keep this one super short and sweet so you can all get back to your Saturday gaming...

£107,385 pledged 397% funded 1,821 backers 24 days to go!!!

That figure just keeps on climbing and we're stunned by the reception the game has received so far.  Let's keep it hiking upwards folks!  In the meantime here's a look back at some videos you might have missed...

Beasts of War!!

Back at UK Games Expo we chatted to the Beasts of War guys about both of our current games and you get to see some of the art and design up close and personal, likes...

That's Lancashire TV interview!!

And here's my first experience at being interviewed on live telly, which was semi-terrifying but fantastic too - the guys at That's Lancashire were super cool and supportive:

And don't forget we're running a just for fun little competition on Facebook about having a sneaky spoilery peak at the £150,615 Stretch Goal, we're looking for 100 Likes and 100 Shares on this post (we're currently at 94 Likes and 55 Shares):

Remember, sharing is caring, peeps!

Okay, that's it for now - have a brilliant Saturday evening and rest of the weekend and let's catch up again on Monday.


Tristan xx

Gloom of Kilforth: Encounters, Day 1 - Thank GoK it's Friday!!
almost 2 years ago – Sun, Oct 08, 2017 at 03:54:40 AM

Hi everybody, and welcome to the Gloom!

What an absolutely astonishing day we've had today - we funded in under 4 hours!!

Our journey has begun...

Many of you are new faces here, and oh my you are most welcome indeed.  Those of you who were with us for the very first campaign for Gloom of Kilforth will remember well that epic and protracted battle towards our funding goal which lasted 27 flippin' days.  We were battered and bruised, ragged and tattered, and at times it seemed like we wouldn't make it, but we were high on nervous energy and sleep-loss and still raring to go before that jubilant sprint to victory at the last minute.  Clearly times have changed, and thanks goodness for that.  Nowadays, we're all wearing our party frocks and suits, sporting top hats and monocles, and gallivanting past the funding finish line in the first couple of hours, leaving plenty of time afterwards to sit and perch with a cup of tea and admire the view.

I'd like to start by thanking every single one of you for pitching in and coming together to guide us on our latest adventure.  This is our third Kickstarter campaign now, and it feels really special returning to the world of Kilforth and the game that made it all happen.  We've been overwhelmed by the positivity and love and epic reviews and cool session reports and bloody brilliant videos that GoK has received since it landed in the hands of backers just a few months ago.  

So thank you everyone for making all of this happen once again.  Whether you're a friend or family member throwing in your support, a seasoned gamer who's read the reviews, an unsure soul who's pledged a quid to wait and see, a total newbie to GoK, or a battle-hardened veteran who's carried us from the beginning - all of you are welcome, all of you are excellent, and all of you have well and truly made our flipping day/week/month/year.  Hands up who predicted those first day figures!!

Muhammad Ali vs FundingGoal McGee
Muhammad Ali vs FundingGoal McGee

Well, I've spent the last few hours empathising with the soldiers who put Humpty Dumpty back together, because I've been slowly picking up the pieces of all of the stretch goals that you guys smashed to smithereens and putting them back together.  The main page has been updated, so please go check them out.

It's super late over here, and we have all the time in the world together to chat in the forums and spend the next month together, where we'll be previewing art, talking about games, music, plans for the future, more games, movies, and whatever else crosses our minds.  But for now, it's a well deserved beddie-byes.  Usually I sign off with a call to action about getting out and shouting about us on social media and telling all of your friends and family about the campaign but today only I'm giving you all the day off because you've done brilliantly.

I know you have questions and comments, and we read every single comment in the forums, so please fire away, even if it's in the middle of the night, and keep the lovely, friendly and funny banter going.  We'll answer everything when and where we can.  This is the best community on the planet.  We are totally delighted and honoured to have you all here, and we can't wait to see what else the month brings.

G'night y'all,

Tristan xx

Gloom of Kilforth: Encounters, Day 3 - 303% Funded Already!!!
almost 2 years ago – Sun, Oct 08, 2017 at 03:54:36 AM

Howdy folks, how does this evening find you?

Sipping a mug of Glook by the fireplace of a dingy pub in the back alleys of Sprawl City no doubt.  Waving away the smoky haze of pipe fumes obscuring your vision, the wispy smoke tendrils reminiscent of the encroaching gloom beyond the city's protective walls causing you to shudder, you discern the shapes of familiar faces, other desperate heroes like yourself, determined to prove their worth, and fight back against the rising tides of darkness threatening to engulf the land.  Finishing your mug of ale, you steel yourself against what lies ahead.  Will you stand with these brave souls?  Will you brave the wilds of Kilforth together?  These warriors will determine whether the people of the land flourish or perish.  Are you prepared to join this last alliance...??

£82,010 pledged 303% funded 1,438 backers 30 days to go!!!

Wowsers!!!  :O:O:O

Thank you all so much for getting us to here, it's beyond what we imagined, and we are unbelievably excited that Gloom of Kilforth has hit a chord with so many people, whether it's you lovely new people checking out the game for the first time, or the stalwart veterans coming back for more - thank you all you absolute beauties!

Seriously, what an absolutely epic weekend this has been - you've only gone and absolutely smashed the funding goal by over 300%, unlocking 20 blooming stretch goals in the process!!  It looks like there'll be more to unlock along the way too.  

We have beaten the previous funding total of either of our last two Kickstarter campaigns in less than three days!!!  Both for the original run of Gloom of Kilforth, and for our second game 1066, Tears to Many Mothers (in case any of you were wondering what the stretch goal targets were about).  The big Stretch Goal looming over us now is the combined total of our last two campaigns - the impossible dream.  It'll have to be something tasty if we get that far.  But there'll be plenty to talk about in the meantime too...

1066, Tears to Many Mothers

We've had a significant intake of late pledgers for 1066, TtMM as well as lots of questions and messages about our second game from new backers.  In case you missed it and wanted some more information, 1066, Tears to Many Mothers is a 1-2 player card game that plays in about 30-40 minutes based on the seismic events surrounding the historical Battle of Hastings in 1066, which changed the shape and future of England for hundreds of years afterwards.  If you ever wanted to play a head to head card game with beautiful art and maybe learn a little bit of history at the same time, check it out - we're still taking late pledges too:

On the subject of messages: if you have sent us one, whether by email or Kickstarter or wherever, don't worry we WILL get around to replying to you, we're just a little overwhelmed with a few hundred emails at the moment - but we do respond to everything.  :)


We've been doing the rounds on some notable gaming podcasts these past few days so we'll be sure to share them when the links go live, and we also recently spoke to the lovely JesusBP at Board Meetings about all things gaming - if you are so inclined you can read the full interview here:


Okay, I think it's about time you guys had a little tease of what's to come, so here's a mock-up of our first beeyootiful baddie, fresh from the grave of a ruined Stretch Goal, with pant-wetting art from the superlative Wietze Fopma:

Don't have nightmares!
Don't have nightmares!


We still have a loooong road ahead of us, and we'd love for you to all chip in and share the heck out of the campaign on social where possible - here are some important links:

If you click this once a day it will appease the lords of kicktraq and keep us burning up the top 10 - someone made the genius suggestion to save this link in your shortcuts instead of the direct Kickstarter page link, that way (although it's an extra click) you'll be coming to the campaign via kicktraq instead and getting us that extra little exposure:  

Join us on the Official Facebook page for the game if you haven't already - plus like and share this post:

Become a fan and rate the game here:  

Like and retweet:  

That's it for now as it's way past midnight here in Blighty, plenty more to come though, and as usual I'll be frequenting the comments section to address any burning questions or just shoot the breeze about whatever's on your mind.  This is such a special community and you guys make it that way - I'm giddy as a kipper about what the rest of October will bring, and absolutely buzzing to have you all along for the ride too.

G'night y'all,

Tristan xx

Gloom of Kilforth: Encounters, Day 5 - The Morality of Stretch Goal Murder
almost 2 years ago – Sat, Oct 07, 2017 at 01:22:59 AM

Hi everyone!

How's it going today?  Well, let's take a quick look at those stats and find out:

£94,377 pledged 349% funded 1,621 backers 28 days to go!!!

My golly, this campaign is like a horse that bolted the stables - seriously, is there any stretch goal that you guys won't just leave to its own devices without stomping all over it and charging on to the next??  It's a beautiful madness being displayed here!

It's getting perilously close to the point where you will have unlocked everything within reason.  Basically you'll have everything that came with the game in its first iteration before it was pared down to a 'saleable' amount of cards by request of the publishing company I was signed to at that time.  So soon you will be playing Gloom of Kilforth as it was always meant to be, with even more crazy variety and beautiful content, brimming at the seams.   

So what happens after that?  Well, let's blow the ceiling off and find out.  You've destroyed expectations so far, let's see if you can do it again.

The 'forth is with you...


We've been beavering away trying to get the word out, and we managed to get Gloom of Kilforth a shout-out in the absolutely massive Tabletop Gaming News (and will be feature reviewed in their next magazine - so make sure you grab a copy!) where they call it a spiritual successor to Talisman.  Agree or disagree?  Here's the link:

This weekend I was a guest on the Board Gamers Anonymous podcast with Jason Perez.  Jason's a lovely guy which made for a fantastic chat - ENGN Preview Series #13 – Gloom of Kilforth w/ Tristan Hall, check it out here:

And last but by no means least here's an interview I did with the super friendly Ross Connell from More Game Please:

And if you have or know of a blog, site, or podcast crew who you think might like to chat  to us about our game let us know in the comments, you know we read em all, right?


Some of you may not know that at Hall or Nothing we have our own podcast #BoardChitless where we chat about the games we're playing and frequently interview gaming gurus and guest designers (look out for the upcoming shows featuring Frank West, creator of City of Kings, and Caleb Grace, lead designer of The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game LCG for Fantasy Flight Games) - so if you haven't hooked in yet, have a listen to our latest episode, featuring designer wunderkind duo Adam and Brady Sadler (of Warhammer Quest: Adventure Card Game and X-Wing fame):

We also have a Facebook page to chat about games and whatever else you fancy here:

BGG page for Encounters!!

Okay, so there's nothing exciting in there yet, but hey, it's up, so get subscribed and maybe Become a Fan if you feel like it:

Your Corner of Kilforth!!

Jason Brown came up with a fantastic idea about sharing your stories of Kilforth, whether you're a Legend backer who named a card, a newer player who has a favourite hero or ancient, or a veteran hero who has a cool story about a particular encounter or reward, whatever you'd like to chat about, get on over to this thread and let's hear your Kilforth tales too, there could be some GeekGold in it for you!  :D

Become a Fan of the Designer!!

Feel a bit weird posting this one but I was told to - apparently I'm in the People Hotness, but don't worry it's not what you think! - so here's a my designer page on BGG where you can go to also Become a Fan if you have a click to spare:

So much more to come, such a great journey ahead of us, so happy to have you all here, feels like I'm in the company of a 1,621 heroic warriors, thirsty for victory in the battle for glory that lies ahead of us all.  Onwards dear friends, let's see where our road together takes us...

Take care,

Tristan xx